Human Be Herd | About Thea Fast
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Thea with Angel and Keeta

Thea Fast’s Equine Facilitated Wellness work arises out of her combined lifelong dedication to both personal development and to horses. In her late teens she completed her Youth Work diploma, was introduced to counseling, cognitive behaviour therapy and the whole idea of using your relationships to inform your life. Midstream, she gained a more intellectual perspective through Womens’ Studies at university before “opting out” to follow her bliss with horses.

She went on to earn her living running guided ride businesses, training and teaching until she started her family and moved to the Williams Lake area. She took the time while her daughter was young to reinvent her work. When she discovered Linda Kohanov and the work of EFW in 2002, she knew she’d discovered her divine purpose. She studied and developed her work for the next 9 years, completing her Eponaquest Instructor Apprenticeship in 2011 and became an Approved Eponaquest Instructor.

What gives me the greatest joy is experiencing the intimate, authentic connections that arise between our species and theirs and the healing that comes through them.

Thea is a truly gifted Eponaquest Instructor with well over a decade of experience, grounded in her own personal EFW experience, supported by her ongoing spiritual practice and informed by sharing horses with people throughout her whole life. Her self awareness, compassion and care have arisen out of her need to stop suffering so damn much and accomplished through her strong drive for personal development.

Max leads me leading Freya.