Human Be Herd | Directions
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Take the Resort Lakes exit off Hwy 97 at 150 Mile House to Horsefly and Likely. Drive 6km up this road past the dump and the info sign, turn left at the Y onto the Likely Rd also marked as the Goldrush Trail. Now you’re on a 43km drive past the community of Big Lake and down into the Beaver Valley. On your way down into the valley you’ll pass Beaver Lake Rd on your left.


If you’ve come through Big Lake ignore this paragraph. Beaver Lake Road comes out on Hwy 97 at McLeese Lake. So if by chance you’re coming down toward Williams Lake from up north, this would be the best way in to take if you don’t mind 45km of gravel. It is good gravel, I drive it but I don’t pull the horse trailer down it. There is a Y on the hwy 97 end, where Gibralter Mine takes off to the left, once you’re up top past the hydro station, so you want to keep right if you come in this way.


Once on the valley floor you’ll cross it and see Jacobsen Rd on the left. Just before you start climbing you want to turn right down Beaver Valley Road. Beaver Valley Road runs about 30km or so, between the Likely Rd and the Horsefly Rd. We’re the first place on the right, 5km or 3 cattleguards in. The house number is 3206, located to the left of the gate on the fence.


If you’re coming across the valley from Horsefly toward the Likely Rd, you’ll pass Rodear Meats, the Hengstler’s where there is a metal pig sign and when the road opens up to a hayfield on the right you’ll see the house on the left.


There will be 2 large and friendly dogs there to meet you. Feel free to park in the driveway. I’ll be out in a moment if I’m not already. If I’m not in the house walk past the front of the house and out the gate to the right you’ll see a little outhouse and the horse pasture and round pen. You should see me then.