Human Be Herd | Equine Facilitated Mindfulness
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Equine Facilitated Mindfulness

Equine Facilitated Mindfulness

Relax, Breathe, Connect and Reflect with the Beauty of Horses.

 Become more intimate and connected with your body, your boundaries, the horses, and each other.

 The elements common to each class will be presentation of information, meditation, reflection and sharing circle. We will be learning and practicing the Eponaquest emotional and social intelligence skills throughout.

 Three lessons, each offered twice monthly will be 2 and a half hours in length from 1-3:30pm the 2nd Saturday of every month (offset to 1st Sat in July) and the last Wednesday of every month from 5:30-8pm. You are welcome to attend one or both of the sessions each month.


Sat May 12 1-3:30pm & Wed May 30th 5:30-8pm Lesson 1

Sat June 9th 1-3:30pm & Wed Jun 27th 5:30-8pm Lesson 2

Sat July 7th 1-3:30pm & Wed July 25th 5:30-8pm Lesson 3

 The beautiful herd and lovely facility we will be using for this program belong to Marion Bayliff, located at 1031 Anderson Rd, just 10 mins from Williams Lake town centre. Overhead shelters are available should the weather turn nasty. All dates are firm. We will be outdoors for the duration of every class. Indoor washroom facilities are available.

 We will all begin our mindfulness practices over the fence from the horses and with learning healthy boundaries, attention to safety and environmental support at your own pace move into practicing within the same enclosure as the horses.

 Bring a journal, water and dress in layers with closed toed shoes.
Pack a thermos of tea and snacks if you want them.
A favourite outdoor chair or sitting props, and a warm, cozy blanket.

 $295.00 non-refundable and transferrable.

Where our own egos regularly allow fear and negativity to interfere with our ability to let go and form spiritual connections, horses possess an incalculable ability to function as conduits of connection. Where we analyze, where we try to explain, where we try to re-create, where we try to simply be, horses are already there ~ waiting for us to walk through the open door, to follow the path of spiritual oneness, to allow healing energy to come in.

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