Human Be Herd | Phoenix Party
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Phoenix Party

Phoenix Partyjpeg

According to Egyptian mythology, the mythical Phoenix voluntarily lights itself on fire to rebirth a greater expression of itself. We may not have volunteered for the fire experience we had this past summer, but we had one anyways.

I have been sitting in the discomfort of the fire experience I had and noticing that old reactive patterns have reawakened, patterns of negative thinking, patterns of feeling depressed, the desire to numb and isolate. Instead of turning away from myself and judging in this place, I am turning towards myself with curiousity and compassion. This requires a lot of strength and courage and also a lot of support and encouragement.

I have been attending the brilliant and wonderful classes and offerings of others and I still want more. So I am offering out to you, that which I feel I want for me and hoping you’re willing to make it happen for us all.

I have been sustaining myself with meditation, ceremony, prayer, talking circles, eating and dancing while I sit in this discomfort. I’ve also been turning toward the horses since the fires started to support feeling more connected, to access the non-verbal wisdom available through relationship with them and to ground myself in nature…but that’s another workshop offering.

The Phoenix Party is a dinner party I’m hosting at a friend’s private home in town(1031 Anderson Rd), elevated to a guided social experience. My intention is to create a safe space for us to nurture authentic community together that will sustain and support us navigating this rebirthing process fruitfully.

We’ll share a light invocation, tell and listen to our stories in talking circles, eat great tasting, healthy food, do a drawing activity and have an opportunity to dance and socialize before we close the circle for the evening.

Come, be herd and delight in intentional, authentic community together!

$65, includes meal and all acitivities.  phomen