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I am an Equine Facilitated Wellness Practitioner and experienced horse woman. I work with together with horses and people, as sentient, communicative, emotional and spiritual beings capable of expanding understanding, awareness and compassion, toward higher consciousness, through authentic relationship.

You attend a workshop I offer or tell me whether your agenda is toward personal/leadership development or horse partnership skills. We share experiences together that inspire and support us in listening deeply to our own bodies, each other and the horses. We notice how we are fundamentally changed by what happens.

I live on a lovely lakeside horse farm in Beaver Valley. It’s a 50 minute drive from Williams Lake, in the Cariboo Region of British Columbia, Canada. People come for the day or they come camp or rent a cabin nearby for the duration. I travel to offer workshops afar or to work with people and their horses ongoing relatively close by.


Workshops can have a personal development or a leadership focus. There are on average 5 participants, they are 2 or 3 days in duration and I often co-facilitate with another professional. Usually, we only work during the day, lunch is provided and a good time is had by all. Custom workshops can be created for work teams, family groups or volunteer organizations. I travel to other communities to offer workshops when invited.


Private sessions can be arranged for personal or horse partnership skill development and may or may not include riding. They include time with the horses and I provide food to talk over after. I really enjoy introducing young people to their first horse experience. I can come work with you and your horse at your home or you can come here with or without your horse. We co-create a package to suit your individual needs if the work you wish to accomplish requires more than one session.